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SerpCloud. The best way to track your website’s rankings in Google,Yahoo and Bing Search Engines.We give you simple, powerful web based seo tool that make tracking search engine rankings fast and easy. Monitor daily changes, measure keyword performance, and improve rankings with data you get.Also you can track your website Social and SEO metrics Data and keep track of it.


User-Friendly Interface

Share Your Ranks


Remote API Access

Automatic Updates

Website & Keyword Grouping


Social States


Backlink Tracking

Google Page Rank

Analyze Data



Search Engines Rank Tracking

Youtube Rank Tracking

Highly Accurate Results

Fantastic Rank Charts


Outrageous Customer Support


Advanced Reporting

Cloud Reporting

Awesome Whitelabel Reports


Keep track of every change.

Browse and analyze detailed statistics of each of your keywords and phrases. Make notes whenever you change your strategy to better understand what's working best for your website.

Each point shows you what changes were made and how successful they were.

Less time monitoring. More time optimizing.

Grow your business and revenue with the best online rank tracker.

Accuracy of Search Position Results

SerpCloud is fully Organized and optimized to work In over 180+ Google Region searches Included Google USA search,Yahoo,Bing and Yandex Search engines.

Daily data updates

Unlike other rank trackers, Serp Cloud allows you to optimize your use of resources and the costs to retrieve fresh rankings. You can easily monitor each of your websites according to your own needs and preferences, or according to your clients' reporting flow.

100% Fully automation with reliability

You will get your daily ranking and other data on auto pilot with our 100% automated system check your rank any time you want via our site OR get reports daily on your email or Cloud storage.

Cloud and Email Reporting

We are the First SERP Ranking Provider who provide Cloud reporting feature that gives you accessibility to get your ranking reports on world mostly used platforms like Dropbox and Google drive just connect your account and forget it. Also we provide Schedule Email reporting just enter your email id you want to get your report of specific project and forget then our system will send-out reports 100% autopilot.

Normal and Whitelabel Reports in PDF,CSV and Jpeg

SERPcloud provides you all types of major reporting formats in both normal and white label reporting. Our clients have option to use our pre defined White label templates for report to provide to their clients with their company logo and details.

Serp Cloud retrieves authentic search engine results via the official APIs of the following services.
Serp Cloud is niether affiliated with nor sponsored by the owners of the following services.

There are a lot of great reasons to use SerpCloud. Check out our features.


What people say about those our service.

OP Approved. Review: This is a really nice, easy to use tool, i will be using this from now on and highly recommend you trying it.

I know SEO


I have been using it for a while now. SerpCloud has a real nice interface which I found to be easy to use, it has lots of features, and the results are accurate. Overall, this is a nice little tool that offers more than I expect from a serp tracker, for an unbeatable price. I highly recommended this service for anyone who needs to watch the serps.



In my experience pricing for that service is really affordable for what you get in it. SERP tracking with social and seo metrics also



I noticed is the clean interface and the navigation and all the steps were clearly explained. I must say the one advantage it has over others is that it's cloud based and we all know that cloud is the future. I also tested some campaigns and the results were accurate.


Internet marketer

I am using it very very very happy with service so far. the interface is much really simple and easy to use + understand, i love that. it comes with full loaded features and works as described "+1". i tested everything and found no error/bug. done some experimenting, i would say it's very accurate. definitely recommend SERPCLOUD to all. pretty cheap and fast support provided!

ID Internet Marketer

Moderate Marketer

The UI is lovely, the site is quick and lightweight and without a ton scripts running or connecting to other sites(which is a huge plus for privacy). 
I love email notifications so I can get the rank information without needing to log in. The email tells you what the keyword rank currently is and what it previously was. 
The chart is pretty and nice to look at, informative, and uses an intelligent legend which makes it great to decipher what line is actually where, things some other rank trackers are dearly missing. The fact that Yandex is included is a great addition.It also tracks Youtube. 
You can view SEO stats, Social stats, combine Analytics to your ranking, and add notes to keep certain ideas|changes in mind and up to date. You can get Reports in .PNG|.PDF|.XLS, and White Label is available. It really looks great. If you click "Share" you get an HTML version of the report. 


Supreme Member

It's looks good, easy navigation, it is tracks several search engines, including yandex, this is very important for me, + it is track social networks, I did not see any cheaper rank tracking service on Web yet with same functions, recently a lot of rank tracking services poped up, but this one is good in all shapes, will swith to this one as well.


Power Marketer

Ordered 50 keywords package and all i can say its awesome .
Cool interface
Brilliant rank tracking
Even i can chk my SEO and Social stats
White label report and rank tracking for clients - actually i ordered it for this feature
And the best feature is I can send clients ranking report regularly on their email id
customer support 5/5
I am loving this , keep it improving guys


Power Marketer

After Using this from May-2014 Till Now. I must say. Great Work. I used it for clients and Clients want Detailed Reports for tracking Ranks. and After Using many Other tracking tools in May Just start testing SERPCloud. Main Point for using this Tool was its Elegant and Cool Design and structure. 
It is Simple to add project, Categories, and Best part Is My Clients Like it. They even Transfer from Other Tools to SERPCloud without my recommendations and they said We Like this tool. 
Good Luck with your Sales. Keep Update. Liked New Features.